Q: Do I need to call ahead to order a keg?
A: Although, we have a good selection on hand for walk-in customers; It is a good idea to call in advance to reserve your keg(s) to guarantee it will be there.

Q: Why do I need to give you my name and address for keg orders?
A: According to PLCB Regulation Title 40 of the liquor code, Section 9.106, we are required to record and keep on file, the name and address of any purchaser of the equivalant of four or more cases of beer or any keg.

Q: What do you do with my information?
A: We keep it on file for our records as legally necessary for the PLCB. We are required by law to furnish any information we have about beer sales to any law enforecement agency if asked to do so.

Q: How much beer is in a keg?
A: 1/6 Keg = 640 ounces / 5 gallons / 2.5 cases / 50 - 12oz servings
1/4 Keg = 960 ounces / 7.5 gallons / 3.5 cases / 80 - 12oz servings
1/2 Keg = 1984 ounces / 15.5 gallons / 7 cases / 165 - 12oz servings

Q: What are the deposits / fees associated with renting a keg?
A: We charge a deposit of $30 for each keg (regardless of size).
We charge a deposit of $40 for each tap.
We charge a deposit of $10 for each tub.
There is a non-refundable $4 rental fee for each tap.

Q: Do you rent Beer-Meisters?
A: We do not rent beer-dispensing machines; however, we can put you in contact with a local company that rents different styles of beer dispensing machines.

Q: Do I need to be 21 years of age or older to return an empty keg?
A: Yes, It is considered transportation of alcohol and therefore you must be 21 years of age or older to return an empty keg and get any deposits back.

Q: What is your carding policy?
A: We card anyone that appears 30 years of age and younger. We accept only valid, US Government-Issued Identifications. Driver's License, Military ID, State-Issued ID card, Passport. We cannot accept expired IDs.

Q: Can I buy a six pack of beer at your store?
A: Because we are a distributor, state law only allows us to sell beer by the case. We have 18 Packs in many styles of beer and also 7oz bottles and 8oz cans in 24 packs which allow you to purchase a smaller amount of beer than the typical 24 / 12oz bottle case.

Q: Do you deliver?
A: We do not deliver or ship beer and require that all purchases be made in person.